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solino™ Image processing

solino™ CPI

(Computation of particular Images)


CPI is a software solution for calculating a (specific) image from a whole image set. Consistency and an exact system calibration are the top priority for the image input.

This acquisition consistency results in BRDF information and CPI allows this information to be decomposed into sub-layers, with an image as the sub-layer.

Each (particular) image is the result of several processing steps - processing from the distribution of pixel values.

To improve quality control processes, CPI offers a surface anomaly inspection image gallery as a first step up to automated inspection driven by humans and supported by AI.

Representation of product features as image information

When identifying and determining surface defects, it is essential to be able to recognize the defect in the image in the first place or to be able to find it again and again, regardless of the ambient conditions. The same applies to similar anomalies, which must also be detected and displayed accordingly.

solinoTM was developed for this purpose. Image information that is not relevant is deliberately suppressed and anomalies are highlighted.ntwickelt.

Image cleaning of unimportant factors is performed, resulting in repeatable and reliable image analysis.

OptoViewer user interface

The OptoViewer supplied with our IM-solino 10x12 allows a live image display as well as a preview of four processed CPI anomaly images.

A total of more than 200 algorithms for analysis and evaluation are available for the 64 individual exposures, according to which the result images are displayed. The selection is made using the drop-down menu (see image on the right).

The OptoViewer offers:

- an intuitive user interface to identify the product defects or anomalies
- a slider image manager with one widget per image
- the solino Image Editor for batch processing of stereo-photometric images
- a selective list of image processing processes to be output
- the selection of the color channel to be processed