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Surface analysis

solino digitizes the visual appearance of objects.

The Opto solino Imaging Module is a complete "computational imaging" vision sensor that uses Opto's proprietary solino™ technology to display object anomalies as an image for further digital or statistical processing. 

solino™ enables confident decision making about your product quality when analyzing its measurement data.


What does solino™ do ?                             It represents anomalies in the image

Who needs solino™ ?                                  Where a 100% QC is crucial

Why is solino™ better                               It provides unique and repeatable images         
than other technologies?                         based on the solino reflex analysis algorithm
What's my ROI with solino™ ?                 100% fewer returns


The image acquisition is robust against stray light and a fluctuation in light intensity.

solino™ works with multiple light sources and positions that are calibrated to each other.

solino™ is able to

- influence the way in which the quality of products is controlled.

- digitize the human perception of products

- find anomalies that the human eye does not see

- to find ALL anomalies on the surface

- to increase the pixel resolution

- to predict product failures (Predictive maintenance)

solino™ is not

- developed for line scan camera applications

- a direct 3D measuring instrument

- a rigorous stereo photometric imaging device