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Image editing


OptoViewer, as a modern and easy-to-use image processing software, is the ideal complement to our Imaging Modules and is included free of charge.


OptoViewer offers many useful functions that facilitate daily work in microscopy. This starts with the simple operation of the user interface and commissioning of the camera as well as control of the various light sources.


Included are many other functions like

  • Camera and lighting settings
  • possibility to save project settings 
  • pre-calibrated magnification factor(s)
  • one-click export to image file storage
  • display of overlays like crosshairs, grid or scale
  • drawing and annotation tools for documentation purposes (e.g. shapes, bitmaps, text)
  • Standard measurement functions (point-to-point distance, angle, polygon)

The OptoViewer is our ready-to-use standalone software, suitable for our digital microscopes.

If you would like to integrate our hardware into your own application, we offer you our own SDK for programming your system.

The SDK has a simple programming interface in Open CV, C++, Halcon or Python, among others. 

Our OptoViewer software is subject to constant optimisation and expansion of new features. The focus is always on a clear and intuitive working environment. Users are therefore regularly provided with free updates.



By implementing plugins, the functionality of OptoViewer can be extended almost indefinitely. Examples of this type of tool are:

  • Image analysis and pre-processing functions: Vignetting correction, focus monitoring, etc.  
  • Customized tasks: Microfluidic flow rate measurement, hole inspection, particle counting, tracking, etc.

We will continue to expand the portfolio of plugins, enabling IM users to get the most out of them for their needs.

Each imaging module is delivered with our OptoViewer software. 

It is a Windows-based standard software without large configuration effort - Plug&Play.