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Standard software solutions for the automation of biomedical and industrial processes

We develop software for our imaging modules and our OEM partners.

Hardware and software from one source with over 40 years of experience in industry and biology.

Applications for more and more tasks available for free.


OptoViewer is delivered with all Imaging Module. It allows easy configuration of the sensor, control of the various light sources and includes many additional functions such as:

- Intuitive user interface

- Camera, coaxial and ringlight settings

- Project files (with saved module settings)

- Pre-calibrated magnification settings

- Time Lapse and video function

- Flatfield correction

- One-click export to save image files

- Overlays such as crosshairs, grids or scales

- Annotations for documentation purposes (base, shapes, bitmaps, text) 

- Standard measurement functions (point-to-point distance, angle, area)

Acquisition SDK

For those who want to integrate Imaging Modules into their own application, the Opto-SDK is available.

It has an easy-to-use API for identifying and connecting modules and accessing parameters, including internal calibration. The Opto-SDK also includes powerful, easy-to-use functions for image display, overlays, and ROI management (C/C++ API only), making it much more than just an SDK for imageqkaquise.


In addition to C/C++ APIs, Python is also supported, as well as NI LabVIEW and NI Vision Builder AI.


- Windows 64x

- C/C++API

- Python wrapper

solino™ CPI

solino™ is Opto's own "computational imaging" development based on reflection analysis RTI. solino™ digitizes the visual appearance of surfaces.

solino's CPI (Computing of Particular Images) algorithms combine images captured at different angles of light incidence to produce a particular image that shows a complete, highly accurate digital footprint of a captured surface. The enormous amount of information stored in a solino™ dataset far exceeds that of standard image capture. As a result, solino™ technology enables the definition of new evaluation criteria for product quality. The solino™ algorithm is capable of detecting surface anomalies that have not previously been described in any specification or standard.

OptoViewer Plugins

The possibilities of OptoViewer can be considerably extended by using plug-ins. These are additional tools that can be added to the OptoViewer, such as:

- Image analysis and pre-processing functions: Vignetting correction, focus monitoring, etc.

- Job-specific tasks: Microfluidic flow rate measurement, hole inspection, particle counting, tracking, etc.

Plugins can be generic or custom. Opto will continue to expand the portfolio of existing plugins, allowing users of IMs and OptoViewer to get the best for less.

Application Programming

For machine builders and system integrators, we develop OEM-capable software solutions for desktop and mobile use.

Our own software toolbox "Fortress" enables us to quickly develop customized software solutions:

- Motion control 

- Light control 

- Autofocus

- object tracking

- memory management 

- Analysis of large amounts of data


We program with different libraries and software environments to find the best solution for you.

With our proprietary solino™ technology, we are able to serve you with unique and latest calculation methods to add instant value to your product.

Software engineering "All from one source"

User Interface
Using Qt, we design your own application-driven HMI.

Process control
Our "Fortress" communicates with all kinds of sensors and is loT ready.

Data Management
We effectively consolidate all relevant data into one framework design.

Image analysis 
Application solutions merge into "plug and play" job modules.    

Computer-aided image processing
 solino™ enables to increase resolution and image information. 

Deep Learning and AI
Combining solino™ with existing AI tools is extremely powerful.

Workflow Management
Opto Imaging Module plus 4.0 software solutions digitize complete processes.