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Fluorescence - microscopes

We develop epifluorescence microscopes with a single fluorescence up to 12 fluorescence in a few seconds. Realized with standard cameras or high sensitivity sensors.

We build our own optics, filters and ultra-compact high-efficiency LED light sources. We take care of the complete automation - all from one source, all in house.

IM-compact L as a digital fluorescence microscope

The new IM-compact L was specially developed for fluorescence analysis of defined tasks. An integrated fluorescence LED, a sensitive camera, a corresponding dichroic filter and blocking filters enable a special fluorescence signal. No more and no less.

The IM available at the moment is designed to visualize GFP (green fluorescent protein).

Typical areas of application are:

- Imaging of biological processes in vivo
- Use as a reporter gene in molecular biology 
- Plant research
- Drug discovery
- Representation of anaerobic organisms in biofuel production or wastewater analysis

Multi-fluorescence screening cytology microscope

We are successfully working on the implementation of innovative microscope technologies in cell screening machines and microfluidic applications.

- Fluorescence microscope for high throughput with multiple wavelengths
- fully inverted microscope coupled to an ultra-light filter wheel (8 filters)
- synchronized multi-wavelength LEDs
- integrated supply chain
- integrated multi-megapixel fluorescence camera
- integrated high speed X-Y-Z well plate positioning
- all controllers and drivers are onboard

Special techniques within an OEM fluorescence microscope

To create an automated fluorescence module for up to 16 fluorescence in one module, you need:

- Autofocus Z-axis 
- high-precision X-Y movement (we move the microscope, not the sample)
- ultra-compact multi-high-power LED light source (up to 6 LEDs)
- ultra-fast filter wheel
- advanced camera technology inside
- compact control structure and software framework for synchronization
- etc.