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Telecentric lenses

Pending End of Product Life Cycle

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No perspective error for measurement applications

Optotelecentric lenses were developed for high-precision measurement applications in industrial image processing. The advantage of these high-quality optics lies in their bilateral telecentric imaging function (i.e. bi-telecentric function). Due to the spatial extension of the object-side telecentricity, three-dimensional objects are imaged without errors in perspective. Because of the image-side telecentricity, the system is far less dependent on the mechanical tolerances of the camera and exhibits a far more uniform projection onto the camera chip with zero vignetting.

Recording with entocentric lens

Recording with telecentric lens

Image of the same object: taken with an entocentric lens on the left and with a telecentric lens on the right. On the left, you can clearly see the perspective distortions caused by the diverging ray paths of the entocentric (normal) lens.

Bi-telecentric lenses

Our bi-telecentric lenses are optimized for C-mount cameras with chip sizes up to 2/3" and thus represent the ideal solution for measuring precision components - at the best price/performance ratio.


  • Large depth of field
  • No perspective errors of spatial (3D) objects
  • Homogeneous image acquisition with high light sensitivity
  • High resolving power
  • Object- and image-side telecentric imaging
  • Universal C-mount connection


  • Measurement of profiles
  • Determination of diameters
  • Alignment of electronic components
  • Measurement of tall components
  • C-mount cameras up to 2/3" image sensor (CCD or CMOS chip) possible

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