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Table and floor stands

Every microscope or sensor must be positioned, fixed and focused. Here there is a wide range of "Made in Germany - Built to Price" solutions

IM Foldable Stand

Opto's 'folding stands' are designed specifically for use with the imaging modules. 

As classic stands, they take up less space than stationary ones and are best suited for single workstations. Equipped with a coarse/fine focus drive, Opto also offers the stands as a folding version - for workstations that need to be flexible.


Art.No. 043-600505-350 (height 350mm)
Art.No. 043-600505-500 (height 500mm )   

Track Stand

This simple stand solution has been specially designed for easy handling. A click mechanism allows quick and easy vertical positioning of the focus rod, with the choice of either an OC, coarse/fine or a coarse focus rod.

The trackstand is available with a column height of 350 mm or 500 mm. The column is mounted on an aluminum platform base to which a positioning table can be attached.

An adapter is available for mounting Opto's knee joints, which can be used to attach lighting. 

Extended Arm Stand

With our system, you get a microscope that is effortlessly moved across the entire work surface and fixed in a suitable position - even across the worktop.

The system is available with a range of accessories, including a support arm extension and height adjustment. A light source (or similar) can be mounted on the column.


The further development is our Flexarm Stand for small space on the work surface:

Data sheet.pdf

Advanced mobile floor stand with jib mount

For large objects or in case the specimens cannot be moved, a mobile microscope is needed. Our mobile floor stand combines mobility and stability and thus allows the trouble-free use of high magnifications and large working distances.

Art.No. 043-603020


  • Stable and mobile stand for difficult inspection tasks
  • Quick and easy 360° positioning of the microscope
  • Fixable wheels and cantilever
  • Microscope holder adjustable in 4 axes allows any orientation

Your benefits

  • Flexible and safe handling of the microscope
  • Allows use of the same equipment in different locations
  • Shelf for light sources enables complete inspection system
  • Compatible with most stereo and video microscopes

The tripod base consists of a tripod with fixable wheels. A practical platform can be mounted on the height-adjustable column to accommodate light sources or tools, for example.

For easy height adjustment, the optional scissor arm can be equipped with an adjustable gas lift mechanism. Normally, the floor stand is used with a stereomicroscope, but this can easily be exchanged for another inspection system or even a tool. With our mounting mechanism, stereo microscopes can be used absolutely safely even when inverted.