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Oblique vision solutions

Oblique module

Perfect flexibility

Our oblique view module allows an inclined view of your sample, with full 360 degree display of the object or a single feature, by rotating the module. Using a lever, you can easily switch between inclined view mode and normal vertical mode at any time, so you always keep the functionality of your ordinary stereo microscope! 

Universal Compatible

Thanks to the clever design, the oblique module is compatible with an ever-growing range of stereo microscopes. Simply screw the appropriate adapter ring into the microscope's objective thread, screw on the module, plug in the power supply and you're done! 

Compact and fully integrated

This very stable and perfectly designed module seamlessly complements all common microscope brands. Perfect image quality is guaranteed thanks to the integrated high-quality 0.3x achromatic objective. The unit includes a specially designed powerful LED ring light, which perfectly illuminates the specimen with a diffuse and homogeneous light. 

Ideal repair system

With a working distance of 100 mm in oblique viewing mode and 115 mm in normal vertical viewing, the system is ideal for a wide range of repair and rework tasks, such as correcting electronic components, precision mechanics and jewelry. 


  • Compact, easy-to-use and fully integrated module
  • 360° inspection without moving the object
  • Fits all standard microscopes by means of various adapters
  • Perfect for SMT and jewelry repair


  • Integrated 0.3x lens
  • High-performance LED ring light
  • Large working distance of 100/115 mm (oblique/top view)
  • Easily switchable between oblique and top view

Oblique module | Specifications

  • compact design in plastic housing
  • switchable between upward and oblique view
  • Light spot for positioning in oblique view with battery supply
  • working distance: oblique view approx. 100 mm, top view approx. 115 mm
  • integrated 0.3x objective
  • viewing angle approx. 30
  • LED ring illumination with table power supply 100 - 240V / 60W
  • stand projection min.140 mm
  • weight: ca.1,6 kg incl. adapter 

Tilting table

Three-dimensional objects often require a certain viewing angle in order to view critical details. With our tilting tables, objects can be easily rotated and tilted. The foot-controlled vacuum fixation and also the heavy granite plate ensure secure positioning.

The whole system of granite plate, stable stand and microscope holder fits together to a tilt-proof and ergonomic microscopy workstation. Your objects as well as the microscope can be aligned and fixed at a specific angle to each other.

Your benefit

  • Enables ergonomic work
  • Quick and easy 360° inspection
  • Compatible with all leading microscope suppliers
  • Perfect for board repair


  • Stable stand for flexible microscopy
  • Viewing angle of microscope and object adjustable
  • Easy positioning

Granite tilting table with non-slip ESD rubber surface

tilting table (in function)

Available variants:

043-632005    Tilting table  Ø400 mm - granite


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