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IM•linea M for compact machine integration IM•linea M with ring light

IM•linea M

The Opto IM·linea modules are characterized by the slim, straight all-aluminum housing. 

Depending on the size, we distinguish between the compact linea M and its big brother linea XL, which will be available in two variants with the larger design. All modules are available as USB or GigE variants in color and as monochrome solutions.

The "Dual Cam" IM-linea XL is available with two 5MP cameras and a magnification difference of 4x in multiple magnification levels. It has an additional 5x LED controller integrated and allows a variety of lighting scenarios.

A "Dual Fluorescence" IM, which will be equipped with two different fluorescence illumination sources, is in planning.

Depending on the version, the IM-linea are equipped with different optics and camera technology and function as:

  • compact, digital reflected light microscopes
  • Quality assurance vision sensors

IM•linea M for compact machine integration IM•linea M with ring light

Our IM·linea M-Serie is a miniaturized digital microscope in a straight design. 

In contrast to the IM·compact:

  • the image fields are larger
  • the working distances are longer and 
  • there is no integrated coaxial illumination.


These modules are ideally suited for machine integration.

  • robust aluminum design with various mounting options
  • optimized image quality due to perfectly matched component selection
  • one-cable concept (USB variant)
  • powerful plug&play imaging module incl. free control software

IM•linea M for mobile quality control

Das IM·linea M is perfectly suited for production-related quality control

One imaging module placed next to each turning or milling machine enables fast Industry 4.0-relevant image data acquisition on site and not later in the lab.

The integrated ring light enables the display of even weakly reflective areas.

With the included free OptoViewer 2.0 software measurements and labels can be quickly added or videos can be saved. Line markers can also be easily displayed, for example to perform object alignments on the live image.

IM•linea M as a visualization measurement module for microfluidics

As a documentation tool and quality assurance tool for microfluidic chips, the IM-linea M is suitable for large-area examination because of its larger image fields up to 25mm.

The integrated ring light guarantees optimal illumination and the fully integrated 5MP camera with a Sony IMX264 sensor enables micrometer resolution of even the smallest details.