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IM•compact M

IM•compact M Imaging Modul

The Opto IM-compact M's are characterized by the only 40mm wide 90° angled all-aluminum housing.


They can be equipped with different optics and camera technology and thus function as:

  • USB/GigE reflected light microscopes for opaque samples
  • quality assurance vision sensors with coaxial and ring light illumination
  • inverted digital microscopes with minimal height thanks to the angled design
  • Plug&Play Machine Vision Microscope (MVM) for demanding imaging tasks
Operating principle - Digital Microscope compact M


This imaging module from the MVM series incorporates a coaxial incident light illumination and a diffuse ring light.

The fast switching of the illumination variants enables additional contrast options.

Cost reduction

The goal of the IM development was to reduce the necessary components such as camera, tube, lens, coaxial and ring light as well as corresponding LED controllers from 7 to 1. Also the cable connections were limited to a minimum.
(see left, the traditional microscope)

The result is impressive: The handling of 6 components in the warehouse management as well as the supplier support is eliminated. This should make every buyer's heart beat faster - not to forget the OptoViewer, which is included free of charge.
(see right, the new MVM Imaging Module from Opto)

IM-compact M as an adjustment tool

The ultra-compact design enables the arrangement in inverse mode. Thus, lengths can be measured or object alignments can be performed with high precision over long distances.

This "split-field" approach reduces long inspection times many times over. The specimens do not have to be moved in X-Y and two distant objects can be adjusted and measured simultaneously using the crosshairs that can be superimposed.

IM-compact M for any installation position

IM-compact M with folding table stand.

Due to its compact design, the IM-compact M digital microscope can be used: 

  • upright
  • 90°-rotated or also
  • inverted

For flexible machine integration, there are several mounting threads on this all-aluminum housing. Likewise, focus rods and tripods are optionally available.

IM-compact M as a digital microscope for metallography or biology

The new IM-compact M is a digital Machine Vision Microscope (MVM) - camera, optics and illumination, all in one sensor.

These modules offer the user excellent ease of use. They can be easily and quickly integrated into many measurement setups, analytical instruments or life science systems.

The clear plus points here:

  • pre-calibrated sensors with micrometer resolution
  • Apo corrected SLWD microscope optics in a compact aluminum housing
  • sample-optimized illumination selection of the integrated coax and ring light illumination
  • Standard interfaces (USB 3.1or GigE) with 5MP camera (IMX sensors)
  • free software package for sensor control, image acquisition and simple measurement and documentation tasks

IM-compact M as a control and measuring tool in production

IM-compact M as a documentation tool and discussion platform for quality assurance in manufacturing.

Here during the evaluation of the cutting edges of a milling tool. The robust aluminum housing is ideally suited for use in harsh environments.

Due to its compact design, the IM-compact M digital microscope can be quickly set up at a wide variety of workstations. With the available transport case, a completely mobile inspection setup is ready for use at any time.

IM-compact M as IoT sensor next to every milling and turning machine

The Machine Vision Microscope (MVM) is a compact plug&play imaging module for the following applications: 

  • Hardness testing
  • Bond inspektion, SMD. inspection
  • Solar panel analysis
  • Measurement and documentation tasks
  • Surface analysis
  • Rheology and measurement of crystal structures
  • Automation of laboratory tasks
  • etc.

IM-compact M as a miniaturized microscope

Compared to a standard microscope, the difference in size becomes clear.

When displayed on a monitor, i.e. a camera image, there is no difference in quality. 

A Machine Vision Microscope (MVM) may only have a fixed magnification, but the fixed optical parameters guarantee a much higher reproduction of image quality and repeatability of their measurements.

In addition, two imaging modules are readily available for the budget of a large standard microscope - these in turn are optimized for their corresponding inspection task.