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Portable measuring microscope

Highest mobility

Opto's portable microscope is designed to handle the most demanding on-site examinations. With its ergonomic design, rugged construction and perfectly matched optics configuration, it is a precise and reliable tool.

The cordless design, battery-powered LED illumination and Köhler illumination for contrast enhancement allow flexible and unrestricted mobile working.



Designed to realize the imaging performance, magnification and functionality of your laboratory microscope, the portable microscope is the perfect solution for mobile, high-resolution microscopy. Configured with a trinocular tube as standard, it is equipped with high quality, infinity corrected micro objectives and offers 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x optical magnification.



  • revolving nosepiece with 4 objectives
  • integrated coaxial illumination
  • reticle for manual measurements
  • for rollers from diameter 60 mm or flat surfaces

Added value

  • extremely stable tripod allows high magnifications
  • easy to transport - real mobile inspection
  • ideal for on-site measurements and examinations