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Digital Machine Vision Microscope

FOV Micro Measuring Microscope
Digital Machine Vision Microscope

The new ultra-compact digital micro-measuring microscope from Opto is the perfect tool for on-site measurements in production. 

The vision microscope professionally digitizes quality where it counts.  

The sensor design is robust, plug & play, easy to use and equipped with integrated high-end optics and camera. 

With the built-in coaxial LED illumination and ring light, all kinds of features on a product can be visualized, similar to a traditional metallurgical microscope. 

With a measurement resolution of 1.8 microns per pixel, it allows the smallest details to be analyzed.


Digital Machine Vision Microscope

  • FOV [mm]: 4,5 x 3,8
  • Working distance [mm]: 31
  • Resolution [LP/mm]: 250 (mono)
  • Illumination: ring and coaxial
  • Sensor & Interface: Camera (mono) | 5MP | USB3


Ultra compact light weight Stand

  • focus setting [mm]: 57
  • dimensions [mm]: 190 x 230 x 350
  • weight [kg]: 2,5

OptoViewer 2.0

  • simple GUI
  • camera and illumination settings
  • pre-calibrated magnification factor
  • one-click export to image file storage
  • display of overlays like crosshairs, grid or scale
  • Drawing and annotation tools for documentation purposes (e.g. shapes, bitmaps, text)
  • Tool for determining a point-to-point distance, angle, polygon