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Cylinder inner wall inspection

The CylinderInspector is an optical, non-destructive inspection and measurement tool for cylinder bore surfaces.

It is designed to inspect honed surfaces of cast iron and aluminum. Furthermore, the composition and distribution of silicon crystals in aluminum can be analyzed.

The CylinderInspector is the first choice in inspection equipment by many automotive and engine manufacturers, worldwide.


  • non-destructive image analysis using high-end optics for perfect images of the cylinder inner wall
  • optical zoom to realize different magnification & detail views
  • full 360° all-round view as well as variable immersion depth
  • illumination variants for the best possible image quality of differently treated surfaces
  • extensive selection of accessories (interchangeable adapters, calibration targets, etc.)

Added value

  • precise and repeatable measurement of cylinder bore surfaces
  • Standardization of inspection processes at supplier and customer for improved quality assurance in production
  • Modular, high-performance software for parameter determination of various parameters such as honing angle, pore size and distribution
  • Definition of sample and type-related limit values
  • Customizable program interface and measurement data reports

CylinderInspector V4

The CylinderInspector 2D is ideal for quality control in measurement laboratories and development environments with medium sample numbers. It enables precise and repeatable measurement of predefined parameters. Fast inspection processes significantly increase control over cylinder crankcase production, ensure a consistent production flow as well as improved product quality.


Article-No: 043-102104-V4


CylinderInspector 2D V4


  • Optical inspection system for inspection and analysis of cylinder bore surfaces
  • 360°- cylindrical panoramic view by means of manual rotary wheel (positioning by means of scale) 
  • integrated zoom optics to realize different magnification levels (with grid positions for optimized repeatability)
  • integrated USB3.0 camera
  • max. immersion depth: 260mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 60-125mm (Ø>125mm by means of adapter)
  • FOV: ~ 6.8mm x 5.4mm - 1.0mm x 0.8mm
  • Focusing by means of manual fine drive
  • Quick alignment and adaptation to different cylinder diameters
  • Protection of the cylinder head surface from damage by means of special plastic inserts
  • integrated, combinable coaxial and dark field illumination for optimal illumination of differently structured surfaces  
  • optionally available measurement software (for manual, interactive measurement, auto honing, pore analysis, etc.)

CylinderInspector QuickTest

The CylinderInspector QuickTest was developed for the visual inspection of cylinder inner walls. The running surfaces can be viewed either through an eyepiece or via a USB camera on a monitor.

The QuickTest is ideal for quick, random inspections in production. Ideal for mobile use, it is a reliable companion for production technicians.


Article-No.: 043.102117 | 18

Quicktest with C-Mount


  • Centering unit for cylinder bores, adjustable for diameters from 70 to 89 mm
  • Immersion depth: approx. 150 mm , Immersion axis: manual
  • special plastic coating of the contact surfaces to protect the running surfaces (Teflon / Delrin)
    Sensor: CMOS, interface USB
  • integrated 7:1 zoom optics to realize different magnification levels (with grid position for improved repeatability)
  • Coaxial high-power LED lighting with battery operation (incl. USB charger)
  • Field of view [mm] ~ 5.0 x 6.2 - 0.7 x 0.9
  • Focus: manual
  • Optional: Comprehensive measurement and analysis software, as well as eyepiece attachment for fast sampling