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Residual dirt analysis system

 for the analysis of particles on filters

  • up to particle sizes of 35 µm (according to standard VDA19.2)
  • up to filter diameter 70mm
  • System consisting of: Optics with illumination, manual focusing drive, XY measuring stage with control unit, 5MP color camera, system housing to protect the optics, powerful image analysis software.

All Cleanalyser systems come with the same powerful software:

  • Particle analysis by number, shape, size and classification
  • Standards from ISO 16232 and VDA Bd. 19 are implemented, own standards can be added and modified at any time
  • automatic detection of particle types (metals, fibers, etc.)
  • Determination of more than 50 particle parameters of each individual particle (e.g. length, width, area, fiber lengths and widths, brightness, reflection rate, etc.)
  • Configuration and storage of various system settings for different measurement tasks
  • easy export of all analyzed measurement data to databases and/or Excel (freely configurable)
  • Determination of the component cleanliness code (CCC Component cleanliness code) according to ISO16232
  • Separation according to particle types and/or particle classes
  • efficient particle evaluation ( e.g. separation of overlapping particles)
  • Customization of the user interface for different measurement tasks


  • Sophisticated optical system with optimally matched illumination for best image quality
  • user-friendly and powerful software with which the particles can be easily and automatically measured, analyzed, separated and classified
  • standards of ISO 16232 and VDA Bd. 19 are already implemented
  • own user standards can be easily created

Added value

  • Residual dirt classification or determination of object cleanliness by means of precise and repeatable parameters
  • easy handling and fast evaluation times
  • absolutely reliable and repeatable measurement results
  • all system variants are equipped with the same sophisticated software for the analysis of individual particles, particle classes and particle types
  • easy documentation of the measurement results
  • automatic report generation in EXCEL - customer-specific adaptable
  • allows measurement data export to various databases
  • automatic detection of reflective particles (e.g. metal particles)
  • allows saving of whole filter data for later analysis without measuring system

Sample reports


  • available in three versions up to 35 μm, 15 μm or 5 μm
  • high-resolution, optical zoom system (15 μm and 5 μm version)
  • high-resolution, fixed optical magnification (35μm version)
  • fully automatic process runs
  • Extensive software package included
  • PC controlled x / y stage with joystick
  • optimized LED ring light illumination
  Cleanalyzer Pro 35µm Clenalayzer Pro 15 µm Cleanalyzer Pro 5 µm
Optics Fixed magnification Optical zoom Optical zoom
Smallest particle size according to VDA Vol. 19 [µm] 22 11 4
Digital resolution [µm/Px] 2,2 1,1 0,4
Measuring time per filter Ø 47 mm [min.] ~2 ~2 ~ 10