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Calibration targets and object micrometers

Calibration target Micro V2

Optical calibration and resolution tests are used to determine critical metrics that describe a system's performance.

The Micro V2 calibration target is unique in that it contains a wide variety of specification patterns for measuring optical metrics. The ultra-high definition micro functions or patterns allow efficient and accurate optimization of all optical settings.

  • Ultra-high definition micro-features compatible with the most demanding optical calibration requirements
  • Four unique quadrants that combine resolution targets with measurement scales
  • Supplied in a special padded storage case


Art.Nr.: 045-200200 
Art.Nr.  045-200200-DKD  (with DKD certificate)

The Micro V2 calibration target contains defined structures in various shapes and sizes for easy system calibration and distortion detection.

1. 10 Lp / mm to 1100 Lp / mm

2. Ø20 μm dot matrix 40x40 dots, 100 μm grid

3. Contrast and Siemens structure

4. Ø10 μm dot matrix 40x40 dots, 50 μm grid

5. Scale with steps up to 10 μm


Data sheet

Particle normal

This test image enables the calibration of microscopes that analyze and measure particles like our particle analysis system Cleanalyzer.

Various objects of different sizes are shown: Rectangles, ellipses, circles, rings as well as fibrous structures. Three fields with point grids of different resolution (frequency) are available to determine the optical distortion. The smallest object has a size of 5 µm. For the calibration of the resolution, two scale bars are applied in X and Y direction in one corner of the target.


Art.Nr.  043-102302-72
Art.Nr.  043-102302-75  (with DKD certificate)


Data sheet


Object micrometer

The stage micrometer in the form of a microscope slide is required for the calibration of microscopes.

  • Glass scale 50 mm in 0.1 mm and 0.01 mm
  • for calibration of surveying software

The object micrometer is also available with DKD Certification.


Art.Nr.: 010-310345
Art.Nr. 010-310345-2  (with DKD certificate)


Data sheet