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Accessories for Leica microscopes

We have many years of experience in the manufacture and adaptation of accessories for Leica microscopes.

From purely mechanical solutions such as stands and adapters to optical ones such as the extension tubes or our oblique and top-viewing module to the protective glass holder - we develop functional extensions.

Do you have a special requirement or application? Then simply get in touch with us. We will help you in the best possible way.

Portable Stand for Leica DMS 300/1000

• Applicable for roller testing from a diameter of 60 mm or flat specimens

• Sensitive positioning of the microscope by x/y stages, travel: 25 mm; spindle pitch: 0.5 mm; scale division: 10 μm; sensitivity of adjustment: 5 μm

• Z-axis movement with coarse/fine focus drive, Coarse travel: 70 mm; Fine travel: 1.9 mm; Fine drive sensitivity 0.001 mm

• Usable M series objectives: 0.5x / 0.63x / 0.8x / 1.0x / 1.25x / 1.6x / 2.0x

• Usable Z-series objectives: 0.5x / 0.8x / 1.0x / 2.0x


Artikel-Nr.: 043-112414-50-V2 

Leica Article-No.: 35000250

Leica DMS 1000

Drive extension for the Leica 'Routine' column

The drive extension is available in different sizes / distances:

   •  15 mm

   •  27 mm 

   •  52 mm 

   •  72 mm 

   • 104 mm

   • 124 mm 

   • 144 mm

Leica drive extension

Filter slide

Filter slider for Leica M series

With the filter slider, you can switch between the neutral density filter and a free field that can be used for a second filter.

- Transmission 1 ± 0.5%

- Wavelength 400 - 650 nm

Leica filter slider

ScanStand - standard, XL

For "stitching" applications with Leica stereomicroscopes

The Opto ScanStand enables high-precision, automated 3D stitching with Leica microscopes.

ScanStand consists of a high-precision motorized stage and a Z-axis mounted on a high-quality stage. Depending on the requirements, ScanStand is available in different configurations.

ScanStand is the interface to the Leica "Routine" + "Research" columns and is compatible with all corresponding Leica microscopes. A wide range of focusing drives is available to provide compatibility with a variety of scan stage sizes up to 350 mm x 350 mm.