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The Cleanalyzer is a high-end analytical system designed to examine particles on filters – a key procedure in performing reliable and reproducible evaluation of component cleanliness. Precision mechanical parts machined to exact tolerances are susceptible to damage or malfunction caused by particulate contamination. To address this issue, component cleanliness must be measured, and quantified in order to guarantee full function and to avoid failures due to particulate damage. The Cleanalyzer system is a powerful, fully integrated test platform which enables precision measurement, analysis and documentation of this critical cleanliness indicator. Cleanalyzer is fully compliant with all current particulate standards. The currently valid standards were integrated into the specialized measuring software.


Opto is your OEM partner


We automate Microscopy: If you want to automate microscopy and integrate digital microscopes into your machine or system. Opto is your OEM partner. We are DIN ISO 9001 /2015 certified and fulfil all requirements for the construction of imaging modules for industrial and biomedical machine builders. Of course we offer customer branding as well as software development for your OEM application. Hardware and software from a single source with more than 40 years of experience.


We automate microscopic imaging for lab on a chip solutions


We automate microscopic imaging for lab on a chip solutions. Do you want to measure the speed or just count the droplets in a microfluidic device?
Microfluidic setup with Opto Imaging module, Fluigent pumps and IPHT chip. 
Opto Imaging Modules and OptoViewer software for your specific requirements. All plug and play, all integrated, all in one.
We automate Microscopy.


solino - versatile in use


We automate microscopy, for example for test & measurement applications.
We have Plug&Play Opto Imaging modules and SW solutions for your specific requirements too!
It is possible to clean the image from all irrelevant features and highlight only the critical aspects of the product.
We take Hue, material and shape in consideration to abstract the human perception of a sample.


Opto has been a member of EPIC


We are celebrating a membership anniversary. Opto has been a member of EPIC - EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM since 2020 and we are proud to be able to contribute our expertise in the fields of optics, digital microscopy and image analysis.


Calibration Target Micro V2 has been newly revised.


Calibration Target Micro V2 with test resolution 1100 LP/mm - Optical calibration and resolution testing are critical metrics for understanding and optimising any optical system. 
Calibration Target Micro V2 has been newly revised. 
It combines very useful resolution data with ultra-high resolution micro features to enable efficient and accurate optimisation of any optical system.


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