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Imaging Modules

A deep understanding of the nature of optics and microscopy is the basis of our imaging modules.

With 40 years of experience in developing optical solutions, we have refined an extensive knowledge of what optics can do. 

This knowledge enables us to deliver highly efficient optical solutions that balance economy and performance.

The materialization into imaging modules and the realization of digital microscopes as vision sensors is only a logical further development and combines all our capabilities in one product.

Software development

For system and machine builders, we offer access to our many years of expertise in the development of OEM-capable SW solutions. 

We design user interfaces for desktop and mobile use. We integrate mechanical axes and other sensors in a software environment. Motion control, light control, autofocus, object tracking as well as memory management and big data analysis are among the topics we can add to your solution.

Our proprietary Fortress software toolbox allows us to quickly extract custom software solutions.

When it comes to image analysis tasks, developing HMI, process recording and control, data and network management (Deep Learning), Opto is your choice. 

We program with Vision Builder NI, Open CV, C++ and more to choose the best solution for you. 

With our own solino technology, we are able to help you with unique and latest calculation methods to add immediate value to your product.